Project COLOSS
Ricola Foundation supports COLOSS project

The first project to be supported by the Ricola Foundation is the research into and prevention of honeybee colony losses around the world carried out by the international network COLOSS (Prevention of Honeybee Colony Losses). The foundation is helping COLOSS to enhance and maintain its global network of research institutions, universities and beekeepers. The project's home is the Institute of Bee Health, Vetsuisse Faculty, University of Bern. COLOSS was financed started EU funds from November 2008 until 2012 and currently has 694 members from 86 countries (21.01.2016).

Background: approximately one third of the food suitable for human consumption that is available worldwide is directly dependent on pollination by honeybees and other insects. The honeybee is also a primary pollinator of wild plants. Thus, the dramatic loss of honeybee colonies not only represents a threat to humankind's natural food supply, but also endangers natural biodiversity. The COLOSS project was initiated in 2008 for the purpose of systematically investigating the causes behind honeybee colony losses and being able to take adequate measures to protect the bees. COLOSS is a scientific network which coordinates the global investigation into the scope of the losses as well as research into understanding honeybee colony losses around the world.

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