“Great art is always based on the
honesty and simplicity of nature.”
Paul Ernst
The Ricola Foundation was founded by Ricola AG.
The foundation has the following purpose:

“The foundation promotes and develops research projects as well as projects that enhance our understanding of the natural and cultural foundations of human life. Nature and culture are interconnected components of people's quality of life and are treated as mutually dependent elements in all of the foundation's activities. The activities of the foundation have an international orientation.”

  • The Board of Trustees consists of four members. Together with the two founding members Felix Richterich and Lukas Richterich, Raphael Richterich and Andreas Baur make up the board.
  • The foundation is based at Ricola AG in Laufen.
  • It does not process any applications, nor does it undertake any projects itself.
  • Its main activity is to support COLOSS, a scientific network which coordinates worldwide research into understanding honeybee colony losses. Besides conducting «bee research», the foundation also supports projects in the areas of «clay architecture» and «crop research».

  See funding priorities of 2018